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The residential division

Plano Roofing Company is made up of two divisions. The residential division of the company is Plano Roofing Company. The commercial division of the company is Accord Commercial Roofing Company.


The contents of this website contains photographs of various roofing & restoration projectsTeam Work recently done by both divisions of our company. You will also see a description containing information about the projects. For more photos of other projects completed please visit the photo gallery section of our website.
Team work.jpgThis roof was divided into many sections particular attention was given to the drain area. All drains had new copper drain tubes installed. This flat roof consisted of old torched down unpainted modified asphalt membrane, old 3 ply hot tar roof and numerous sections of worn out 90 lb. cap sheet. A new modified asphalt cold applied system was installed. This roof is now leak free.
This restoration consisted of removing and replacing 2600 square feet of Spanish Tile. Plano Roofing Company removed all of the "Old" Spanish Tile, then installed all copper detail and flashing followed by a professional application of new tile after repairs were made to the roof deck.

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