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Plano Roofing Company is a family owned and operated business. Owner Mr. Curtis Jackson and his staff continue to follow the company’s standards of excellence with the primary focus being customer satisfaction and quality workmanship.

  • We specialize in an ongoing research of roofing materials and select the quality which will provide maximum return on investment for our clients, always recommending the right materials for the job.
  • Another consideration is the condition of your roof and propose a cost effective way to extend its life or a cost effective way to replace it.
  • We have the latest roofing equipment and technology to help enhance all roofing projects.
  • Our fleet of radio dispatched trucks offer prompt and reliable service.
  • We are approved contractors for many of the large insurance carriers.

Plano Roofing’s qualified professionals assures the job is done right the first time.

  • We will first carry out a professional roof inspection.
  • A written report will detail the condition of your roof, the nature and locations of any existing problems and recommendations.

Customer service before and after a roofing installation has been a problem for this industry. Contractors often fail to provide detailed specifications for proposed work. Often when a project has been completed, it is difficult to locate or have the contractor perform warranty repairs.

Our reputation begins by providing detailed specifications and cost estimates for all roofing projects. We even present our customers with a glossary of Roofing Terms, so they understand exactly what we are talking about. Quality installations, along with warranty service maintains Plano Roofing Company’s reputation.

Success is attributed to referrals and repeat business from previous customers. Plano Roofing Company’s personnel enjoy a steady income and fringe benefits not normally found in the roofing industry, thus enabling us to maintain the highest quality installations for our customers

Thank you for visiting our site. We hope your experience has been educational and you have a better understanding of how we operate here at Plano Roofing and Accord Commercial Roofing Company.

Plano Roofing Company

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